Joint fight against the epidemic, enterprise brave responsibility!

A pandemic,

Let all industries be affected,

Numerous enterprises have joined the anti epidemic campaign,

Launch the War of Anti epidemic Protection

As a responsible and responsible enterprise, Zhongbian Group has always actively given back to society and continued to fulfill its responsibilities and obligations as a company.


(Thank you letter from the two levels of the City Federation of Industry and Commerce)

In mid April 2022, faced with the unprecedented severe epidemic situation and supply pressure in Shanghai, CHINA ZBB Group took action upon hearing the epidemic and faced difficulties, making positive contributions to the significant stage achievements in the defense of Shanghai.


(Certificate of Elderly Charity Donation in Jinshan District)

During the COVID-19, CHINA ZBB Group made charitable donations to the elderly in Jinshan Industrial Park, such as the elderly in the community and living alone, to contribute to the epidemic prevention and control work, while delivering more positive social energy!

No winter is insurmountable, no spring will not come. In the decisive period of the epidemic resistance war, we still need to be vigilant, reduce gatherings, wear masks, and work together to win the battle against epidemic prevention and control, sharing a beautiful tomorrow!