Power distribution equipment supplier for the second phase of the 230000 ton/year fluorine-containing new material project - CHINA ZBB Group

Supply equipment: SCB14-2500/10 SCB14-4000/10、SCZ14-25000/3


The second phase of Longfu Chemical's annual production of 230000 tons of fluorine-containing new materials project started construction in November last year and underwent trial production in July this year.

It is understood that the company plans to invest 120 million yuan to expand the annual production capacity of 230000 tons of fluorine-containing new materials project in the factory area based on market demand and advantages in raw material supply. On the basis of the existing 55000 t/a anhydrous hydrogen fluoride production capacity, the company will add 105000 t/a of anhydrous hydrogen fluoride, 50000 t/a of electronic grade hydrofluoric acid, 16000 t/a of electronic grade ammonium fluoride, and 4000 t/a of electronic grade lithium fluoride production capacity.

As a reliable supplier, CHINA ZBB Group always adheres to strict requirements and professional spirit for product quality. In this project, we have provided our customers with high-quality transformer products that meet the standards with excellent technology and rich experience, ensuring the smooth progress of the project.

The smooth shipment of transformers in this project is inseparable from the hard work of personnel from various departments. In order to ensure the safety performance of dry-type transformers during transportation, CHINA ZBB Group has taken a series of measures. We carefully inspect the products and adopt rainproof measures and reinforced loading to resist rainwater and vibration during transportation, ensuring safe and reliable transportation and reducing unexpected risks.



                                             (Preparation for shipment)

The dry-type transformer shipped this time has multiple advantages. Firstly, the product adopts high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes, ensuring the quality and stability of the product. Secondly, the product adopts a dry insulation structure, which requires no maintenance and poses no risk of oil leakage, making it safer and more reliable. In addition, the energy-saving effect of this product is significant, which can effectively reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, achieving sustainable development goals for customers.



                                               (Unloading site)

From this, it can be seen that the products of CHINA ZBB Group will bring considerable benefits to the project, achieving a win-win situation of energy conservation and economic development.


                                           (Installation at project site)